Why visit Finnish Lapland?

Enjoy a winter wonderland

With white snow, reindeer, and Santa Claus, Lapland offers the ultimate winter experience!

Perfect for the whole family, a trip to Santa Claus Village should be on everyone’s list for the festive season. Where else can you meet the man in the red suit, all year round? Hop in a sleigh and go for a husky or reindeer ride, or set off on an exciting snowmobile tour.

Get active

From sliding down powdery slopes on skis or snowboards to sledding – Lapland is ideal for the active, adventure-seeking traveller.

Hike in forest wilderness, climb mountains and see panoramic views from the top. If you prefer speeding up, try your hand at mountain biking in the summer months. There’s also plenty of wildlife to spot on a guided tour, including wolves, bears, moose, and golden eagles.

Midnight summer sun

Breathtaking views. Golden light. Hiking adventures. Summertime in Lapland can be just as magical as the colder months.

From May to August, Lapland is covered in the glow of the midnight sun. Perfect for explorers to enjoy a wilderness hike at any time of day – or night! Who needs sleep anyway?

Meet Eeva, guide for Finland

“I’ve seen every season in Lapland, having lived there for six years. I was originally going to stay for a year, but I fell in love with it, as I’m sure you will too.

It’s so much more than a winter destination. With four different seasons, the summer months bring a ‘night-less night’ where the sun doesn’t set at all. Home of the Sámi indigenous people, Finnish Lapland also has the cleanest air. There’s a sense of freedom and chance to connect with nature in a new way.

As one of the biggest regions in Finland, I’d recommend checking which activities or excursions you’d like to do in advance of your trip.”

Things to do

Have fun on a reindeer and husky safari
See the northern lights in the wilderness
Speed through the snow on a snowmobile safari
Visit Santa Claus village in Rovaniemi

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Insider tips

When is the best time to see the Northern Lights?

Lapland offers some of the best views to see the Northern Lights, in the whole of Finland. The Aurora Borealis is most active in autumn through to early spring, so it might be possible to see them then if the sky is dark and clear. Why not see nature’s own light show from the comfort of a glass hotel, or on an epic wilderness adventure?

Which airport is best to fly into?

There are five airports in Lapland, and some of them offer international flights. Rovaniemi airport is a popular choice as it’s the closest to local attractions and many of our self-catering apartments. Ivalo and Kittilä are also main airports in Lapland.

Can I ski in Lapland?

Lapland has some of the best slopes in Finland, and there’s plenty to choose from! The ski season typically begins in late October, and as the days get colder and more snow starts to fall, you’ll have even more pistes to choose from. The slopes tend to close in late spring, when the weather gets a bit warmer.

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